"Finding solutions
   to challenges."
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About Us
Finding solutions to challenges.

Our Vision

To create a better everyday quality of life for children with physical disabilities in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Our Mission

Senecio is committed to improving the lives and circumstances of children with physical disabilities in underprivileged, under-serviced areas through therapeutic intervention, lobbying and establishing strategic partnerships. Senecio is further committed to offering sustainable support and care by empowering these children’s caregivers through effective training and placing them in contact with relevant resources.

Our Values

Respect, Care, and Commitment with Integrity.

Our Dream

In South Africa there is an enormous difference between the " haves" and the "have-nots". It is equivalent to the gulf between first world and third world countries. For those who can afford it, there are excellent medical and support services available. Unfortunately, the majority of the population do not have access to these services.

Senecio’s dream is to be able to offer at least some of these services to those who so desperately need it in underserved and underprivileged areas.

The Origin of the name:

Senecio Arenarius
Afrikaans: Hongerblom (Hungry flower)

The Senecio Arenarius is a flower that blooms in the harshest of conditions. With even the slightest attention, these seemingly insignificant flowers can blossom into something quite remarkable. The hungry flowers of the community, the underprivileged people with disabilities, also have this astounding potential. All they need is a few drops of tender love and care, a beam of positive thinking and somebody to believe in them.

Board of Directors

Anna van Niekerk
Sanien de Beer
Taswell Alfred
Theunis Steyn
Steven Perry
Leandi Sadie
T: +27 21 852 3856
e: info@senecio.org.za
Non Profit Company, Reg No: 2008/026954/08
Public Benefit Organisation No: 930034732
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