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Ukunakekela ("To Care") Programme

It is vitally important that children with severe physical disabilities receive therapeutically correct care to enable them to reach their maximum potential. Without proper care, support and resources, a disabled child may develop severe complications such as physical deformities, chest infections, pressure sores and malnutrition.

Senecio employs Occupational, Physio and Speech therapists who implement the Ukunakekela Programme at various care centres, outreach clinics and during home visits. Through this programme, these children’s individual needs are assessed and a care plan for each child is developed, which includes posture management and goal directed therapy. Caregivers are also trained to care for these children in the therapeutically correct way.

Special care centres for children with special needs

Senecio offers services to care centres that are not currently registered with DSD/DOH due to the fact that they have not met certain requirements. Services are provided during block therapy, usually one to four weeks per centre depending on the number of individuals at the centre.

The following intervention process is followed:
  1. A needs assessment of the care centre is done to determine their capacity and the level of intervention that is required.
  2. Individual assessments are performed on all the children and young adults at the centre to determine the level of intervention required.
  3. Training is provided to establish a base of knowledge to better understand the disability as well as to improve skills in handling individuals with physical disabilities.
  4. Level of intervention is determined and intervention provided accordingly.
  5. Outreach Clinics

    Senecio has determined that a great number of children and young adults with physical disabilities do not have access to support and therapeutic resources. This is mainly due to waiting lists at special care centres, inaccessible transport, insufficient funds or the limited availability of therapeutic services in rural and underserved areas.

    By establishing outreach clinics, Senecio is able to meet the need for support and resources. Through this programme, caregivers are also empowered to effectively care for these children and to form an active support network amongst caregivers in a specific area.

    The outreach clinic programme entails the following:
    1. Individuals are identified via waiting lists obtained from the Departments of Education, Health and Social Development care centres and community members.
    2. Individuals are screened to determine whether they meet Senecio’s criteria for intervention.
    3. Individuals that do not meet Senecio’s criteria are referred to appropriate organisations/services.
    4. Comprehensive assessments are conducted on individuals that meet Senecio’s criteria for intervention.
    5. Training is provided to establish a base of knowledge to better understand the disability as well as to improve skilsl in handling individuals with physical disabilities.
    6. Levels of intervention are determined based on the assessment findings.

    A responsible and committed member of each outreach group is identified and inducted as a group facilitator. The group facilitator then leads and encourages the group members toward forming an established support system. Senecio will continue to provide therapeutic input and support to the group on a regular basis.
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