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Senecio works in disadvantaged areas with underprivileged children and families who often cannot afford the much needed equipment a disabled child requires. We therefore manufacture our own assistive devices; fix wheelchairs and standing frames; and offer training to caregivers in remote areas with no equipment. The Senecio Wish List contains much needed materials and items. Should you wish to donate one or more of these items, please contact the Senecio Office at info@senecio.org.za or 021 852 3856.

Needed for making or adapting assistive devices e.g. corrective splints:
  • Material - waterproof, lycra, cotton
  • Neoprene (Wet suit material)
  • Foam rubber of different densities
  • Needlework scissors
  • Sewing resources (needles, cotton etc)
Stimulation kits for our outreach clinics
  • Colourful blocks
  • Shape board
  • Toys with sound
  • Toys to hang from mobiles
  • Different texture toys
  • Different sized balls – beach ball, tennis ball, light soccer ball size
  • Children books – hard pages, sounds, texture
  • Tinsel
  • Teething toys
  • Dolls
  • Large beads & thread
  • Colouring books and crayons
  • Left hand scissors
Needed for adapting or fixing buggies/wheelchairs and standing frames:
  • Velcro (male and female) 50mm+ 25mm
  • Webbing
  • Sheet of chip foam (5x5 meter)
  • High density foam (5x5 meter)
To be used by individuals when standing in standing frames for correct alignment:
  • Shoes - all sizes but preferably small sizes (not slippers/crocs)
Needed for the administrative tasks in the office as well as during field visits:
  • Laptops
  • Portable printer
  • Ink cartridges (black and colour)
  • White printing paper
  • Black pens
Needed for Training:
  • Flipcharts
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Skeleton - full size
  • Fan
  • Adaptor Plugs
  • Extension cord
T: +27 21 852 3856
e: info@senecio.org.za
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